Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life Game

Tomodachi Life
  • Developer: Nintendo SPD
  • Genre: Social simulation
  • Version: Ver. 2.0
User Rating: Rating 4.71

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Release Date
Apr 18, 2013
Nintendo SPD
Social simulation
Windows PC, Nintendo 3DS
Ver. 2.0


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Addison Rogers

Tomodachi Life is a life simulation game for Nintendo 3DS. Software was first released in Japan in April 2014 and was later released in North America and Europe in June 2014. Player creates a Mii character, lives their life on island of Tomodachi. Main life simulation is where bulk of Tomodachi Life play online game's content lies. Players must direct their Mii characters' every move, from what they eat, wear to who they socialize with, when. There is a lot of freedom in how players run their island, experimentation is encouraged. Side activities offer a variety of fun minigames to play, but they are ultimately shallow, lack lasting appeal.


Graphics in Tomodachi Life online free are very good for a 3DS game. Characters are all very well-animated and look like they are really living on island. Environment is well-detailed, it is fun to explore different areas of island. Character models are highly detailed, player can customize their appearance by choosing different hairstyles, clothes, accessories. Environments are well-realized, player can interact with many objects in app world. Graphics in Tomodachi Life computer are colorful and cartoony, they suit tone, style of application well. Character designs are cute and expressive, environments are nicely detailed.


Gameplay in Tomodachi Life PC download free is very simple but addictive. Player can do things such as chat with their friends, go shopping, play mini-games. There is a lot of customization options for player's Mii, which keeps application interesting. Tomodachi Life game is a life simulation game in which player takes on role of a god-like figure who oversees lives of a cast of digital characters known as "Miis". Player can direct Miis to engage in various activities, such as playing games, eating, going to bed. Product features a "Mii Maker" tool that allows player to create their own Miis, game comes with a wide variety of preset Miis. Player can import their own photos to create Miis based on people they know. Software features a "Relationship" system in which Miis can form friendships and romantic relationships with one another. Player can give Miis gifts, Miis will react positively or negatively to gifts depending on their personality. Product is divided into two parts: everyday life and dream life. In everyday life, players must manage needs of their Miis and keep them happy. In dream life, players can choose to have their Miis participate in different activities, such as playing games, going on dates, or becoming famous.


Multiplayer in play Tomodachi Life online is really good. You can interact with other players’ characters and help them live their life. You can have your own party, invite other players’ characters to it. Multiplayer is a lot of fun and you can easily spend hours playing it. Tomodachi Life download PC free has a fun multiplayer mode that allows player to visit their friends' islands and see what they are up to. Mode is a great way to pass time, it is fun to see how other players have customized their islands.


Product features a Tomodachi Life free download PC mode in which player can create their own game world, populate it with Miis. Player can share their game world with other players online. Software is packed with content, there is always something new to do. Software features a robust character creation system. I have spent a lot of time creating new Miis.


  • Where do I download free Tomodachi Life from?
    Is available on Nintendo 3DS.
  • What is age range for app?
    Is recommended for 7-12 years of age.
  • Why am I not getting any friend requests/requests to hang out?
    To get friends, you need to complete tutorial, buy a house, then make a friend.


Overall, Tomodachi Life free play is a great game for anyone who wants to live a virtual life. Graphics are good, gameplay is simple but addictive, multiplayer mode is a lot of fun. Product is replayable, which means that it is worth playing over, over again. Software is set on a virtual island that player can customize with different buildings, plants, decorations. Player can control Miis' daily lives, game features a wide variety of activities that Miis can participate in.


  • Very fun and engaging;
  • Cute and quirky;
  • A new and unique experience.


  • Can be repetitive;
  • Can get boring after a while.

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